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CZ Gift Set for Mother’s Day


CZ Gift Set for Mother's Day

Alexia’s pear drop earring and necklace set is 3.75 carats each. Crafted in sterling silver dipped in rhodium electroplating for that elegant platinum look. This Gift set is sure to please every Mother on your list. Buy it today to enjoy an incredible deal!

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mothers day gift set


This Mother’s Day Gift Set will add beauty to Mom’s wardrobe. Maelle’s CZ Briolette Drop Jewelry Gift Set. Featuring a beautiful briolette drop stone that features a crown pattern atop. Petite Cubic Zirconia stones lace the briolette stone for an amazing effect. The necklace is a lengthy 18-inch chain and the earrings are pierced post back and measure 17 mm by 9 mm.  Give Mom this special gift of a charming set that’s stylish and sophisticated, and perfect for any occasion!

Give something special to all the special Moms in your life.
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Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

When you shop for cubic zirconia jewelry, consider the price you want to spend on the jewelry, and consider the look you are going for when choosing the jewelry.  Because cubic zirconia is less costly than diamonds, some manufacturers will make them cheaply by using cheaper metals.  Some manufacturers see the cubic zirconia as the beautiful stone they are, so they will make them with precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and the up and coming titanium.  The cubic zirconia jewelry made with precious metals will cost more than cubic zirconia jewelry made with a cheaper metal.

Beautiful Cubic Zirconia Jewelry


The biggest advantage of cubic zirconia jewelry is the fact that you are able to purchase perfect stones. No other type of jewelry is able to provide that because the conditions that they are made in are natural conditions that cannot be controlled. Another benefit that cubic zirconia jewelry provides is a reduction in cost. You will be paying less for stones that are perfect. This is ideal if you want to purchase jewelry without paying the high prices for stones like diamonds.

In addition to this, cubic zirconia jewelry will have higher color and clarity ratings than real diamonds. So you will be able to get stones that sparkle brighter than real diamonds as well. Furthermore, cubic zirconia jewelry is available in any color, cut and size. Therefore, it is perfect for any type of jewelry. You can set it in any type of metal which is an added benefit.