What are Cubic Zirconia Rings?

What are Cubic Zirconia Rings?



Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

Cubic Zirconia Engagement Ring

Cubic zirconia rings are rings that allow you to have all the flash and sparkle of a real diamond without having to pay the high cost of a diamond. A very beautiful ring can easily be affordable to you. All you need to do is understand a little more about these options and you can easily pick a ring that will be quite stylish and amazingly beautiful.

You really should consider cubic zirconia rings. These rings look just as beautiful and sparkle just as much as diamonds. However, they only cost a small fraction of the price of a diamond. Choosing the right rings can be a little harder than you would have imagined. If you have not been keeping up with the prices of diamonds, then you might be a little surprised. A nice sized, high quality diamond ring could cost you thousands of dollars. A very flashy diamond ring could cost tens of thousands of dollars. Because of this, many people cannot afford a really nice diamond ring. This does not mean you cannot choose a ring that will look just as nice.

Can Cubic Zirconia Rings Look that Good?

You may be a little skeptical. Can you really find a ring that is not a diamond but still looks just as nice? Many people think there is no way that cubic zirconia rings can actually mimic the look of the diamond ring. Here is what you need to know about these rings so that you can decide if one of them is right for you.

To start with, you will need to understand what cubic zirconia is. This stone is created in a lab, and it was created for the specific purpose of mimicking a diamond to provide a more affordable option. These stones can be used in any type of jewelry from rings to earrings to necklaces. Often, they are preferred as options for engagement rings.

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How Does Cubic Zirconia Stack Up?


Khloe Kardashian Inspired Wedding Ring Set - Petite 2.5 Carats

Khloe Kardashian Inspired Wedding Ring Set – Petite 2.5 Carats

When you look at cubic zirconia rings, you will not be able to tell the difference between them and the diamond options. CZ is a little heavier than a diamond and a little softer on the hardness scale. However, unless you are a gemologist, these are things that you will never notice. The cubic zirconia stone will have just as much fire as a diamond, meaning, when it is cut in facets, it will sparkle just as much.


If you choose cubic zirconia rings, and you do not tell anyone, then there is little to no chance that anyone will ever be able to tell that the ring you are wearing is not a real diamond.

What is the Cost?

Cubic zirconia rings are much lower in cost than diamonds. In fact, you can choose a very nice ring that would cost about $2,000 as a diamond. If the stone is cubic zirconia, the cost could be as low as a couple of hundred dollars. The highest of quality zirconia will cost over one hundred, but there are moderate quality stones that could cost as low as $40-$50. There are five levels of cubic zirconia, from A to AAAAA, so you will easily be able to find an option that you will love and can afford.


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