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Hematite and CZ Marquise Evil Eye Stretch Bracelet Rich hematite and sparkling CZ stones make up this exquisite hematite and cz marquise evil eye bracelet. The gleaming hematite beads provide the perfect contrast to the evil eye, which is comprised of concentric CZ ovals. The large stone in the center is also raised slightly to feature more prominently.

CZ and Hematite Oval Ring This CZ and hematite oval ring is a beautifully manicured and perfect for a night on the town or a day of sight-seeing. Fashioned with clear cubic zirconia on the face of the ring, this edgy hematite ring makes a statement with its faded design and ovular features. Wear it to look elegant, rich, and to make a dynamic statement.

Beaded Hematite and Pave Diamond Circle Stretch Bracelet Dazzle your inner circle with this beaded hematite and pave diamond circle stretch bracelet. Dozens of CZ stones are arranged in a concentric pattern, culminating in a larger center stone.

Beaded Hematite and Diamond Love Stretch Bracelet Put a little love in your heart - and on your wrist, with this beaded hematite and diamond love stretch bracelet. Wear this bracelet with love!