Catia's Fine 14K Gold & Sterling Silver Oval Champagne CZ Earrings For the woman who has a fiery nature and loves jewelry that complements that side of her, these sparkling champagne cubic zirconia earrings will do the trick. The champagne hue gives off a flash of color that will have everyone in the room doing double takes, though the total of 13.5 carats of stones may contribute to that as well. The 13.5 carats worth of cubic zirconia are inlaid 14k gold electroplated sterling silver for a imitation diamond earring design that is so luxurious and fabulous. You will feel like royalty whenever you wear this pair. These dangle earrings are extra special because of the amazing way the checkerboard and brilliant cuts capture and reflect the light. Save these for a special night out or any formal events that you might have coming up. Have your own wedding coming up? Daring brides would look amazing in this set as well. .925 Sterling Silver 14K Gold Electroplated, Rhodium Electroplated 1 Inch in Length High Quality Cubic Zirconia Champagne, Clear Oval Shape, Pear Shape, Round Shape Checkerboard Cut, Brilliant Cut Bezel Setting, Inlaid Setting 6.75 Carats Each, 13.5 Carats Total

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