Asscher Cut Engagement Rings Are an Eternal Favorite

Asscher Cut Engagement Rings

marthas engagement ring 3 stone asscher cut czMarthas Engagement Ring 3 Stone Asscher Cut CZ

If you are looking for a beautiful cut in Cubic Zirconia Rings, then you will definitely want to consider Asscher Cut Engagement Rings. When it comes to choosing the right cubic zirconia engagement ring for the lady in your life, you will find that you have so many options you may feel a little overwhelmed. How can you possibly choose from all of the options? You may not know what the different cuts are, and you may not know which cut your lady would love. This can leave you confused and overwhelmed, and it may make it very hard for you to choose the ring without giving away the secret that you will be proposing.  Asscher Cut Engagement rings have been favored by brides for many years. They are an eternal classic and beautiful cubic zirconia engagement rings could be just what you are looking for.

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What Are Asscher Cut Engagement Rings?

There are many different cuts of Cubic Zirconia Rings,  just like diamonds. You may need to know a little more about this cut so that you can decide if it is right for your soon to be fiancée. The Asscher cut is
a square cut. When you look at it, it will have corners that are slightly cropped. This will give the cubic zirconia a look as if it has steps on the side, and the setting pieces will fit within the cropped corners. The cutting of the facets is quite unique as well. It will be cut in parallel lines so that it appears to be eternally stepping down within the CZ. Different Asscher cut cubic zirconia engagement rings can include different numbers of steps depending on your preference.

If you are trying to get a visual of how the ring will look, here is a way to think about it. When you look directly down at the cubic zirconia, it will look as if you are staring down at an inverted pyramid. The facets will have an unparalled sparkle that your fiancée will love. rochelles asscher Cut engagement rings

What Types of Settings are Available?

Since the cubic zirconia will be cut in a square, then you will want to make sure you choose the right setting. As mentioned, the prongs will be set on the corners of the CZ. You may want to choose a setting that shows off the CZ alone and does not include any other stones. Alternatively, you could choose a settling that includes smaller stones on each side. You will just want to make sure the smaller stones are square as well. You may even want to choose an engagement ring that includes track CZs on each side of the main CZ. These will fit within the metal and will make the main CZ stand out even more.

Will the Cost Be High?

The cost of Asscher Cut Engagement Rings will be a bit higher than other cuts simply because the cutting process takes so much longer, especially with diamonds. However, with Cubic Zirconia Rings the price is right and once you see this cut stone, you will know that it is the perfect option to choose.

Do not be overwhelmed by your choices when you start shopping for cubic zirconia engagement rings. You can consider all of the cuts, but you most likely will not have to look any further than beautiful Cubic Zirconia Asscher cut engagement rings.

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